Hejazi Human

Publishing House: Muton publisher

Publication Year: 2023

Genre: Articles

Number of Pages: 122

Published by Matoun Publishing and Distribution, “Hejazi Human” by author Mohammed Al-Harthy is a medium-sized book comprising 122 pages. This collection of articles chronicles various cultural and historical periods that have significantly influenced Al-Harthy’s cultural journey and his awareness of his surroundings. The book traverses through different eras, including the period dominated by what is known as the Sahwa (Awakening), the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in the 1990s, and culminating with what is termed as the Arab Spring in the current millennium. In these writings, Al-Harthy presents his perspectives on these timeframes, offering his experiences as a summation for the readers.

Al-Harthy’s book is more than just a historical recount; it is an introspective critique of various aspects of thought and human life. He scrutinizes practices and traditions that he perceives as outdated and incompatible with contemporary times. Additionally, he takes a critical stance against opportunistic projects adopted by certain extremist groups. The author believes in the necessity of reevaluating our life choices and actions, advocating for a reformation that would lead to a better model of humanity.

The articles in “Hejazi Human” reflect Al-Harthy’s deep engagement with significant socio-political changes and their impact on individual and collective consciousness. His insights delve into the complexities of these periods, analyzing how they have shaped societal norms, values, and ideologies.

Al-Harthy’s work in this book is an attempt to navigate through the intricate layers of cultural and historical contexts that have molded the Hejazi identity and the broader Arab world. By examining the past and present, he encourages a thoughtful reconsideration of cultural practices and ideologies. “Hejazi Human” thus stands as a significant contribution to contemporary Arab literature, offering a nuanced understanding of the cultural evolution within the region.

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