How Lonely We Are – Susan

Publishing House: Arab Scientific Publishers

Publication Year: 2012

Genre: Novel

Number of Pages: 192

“How Lonely We Are – Susan”, is a poignant poetry collection by Saadia Mufarreh, published by Arab Scientific Publishers in Beirut. Spanning 192 pages. This anthology offers a deep exploration of themes such as solitude, introspection, and the nuanced interplay between words and emotions.

The title of the collection, “How Lonely We Are – Susan”, is a nod to the Lebanese poet and visual artist Susan Aleywan. Highlighting a sense of shared solitude and artistic kinship. In her introduction, Mufarreh reflects on the journey of familiarity. Leading to the joys that lie behind partially opened doors. She paints a picture of an invitation to a secret dinner in celestial hanging gardens, amidst invisible trees. Stirring from green dreams only replacing the simplicity of pencil and eraser. Mufarreh describes a silent resentment heard when the great lady’s songs are sung in discordant tones, yet the plan to suspend them in the ropes of temptation continues unabated, even as laughter echoes amidst the despair of fleeting moments. In the quiet wane of life, the poet and her muse cajole words and colors, invent new alphabets for ailments, and confine them to the barely opened box of language, holding back secrets that inevitably creep closer.

Furthermore, the poetry in this collection resonates with lines that open the womb of hidden emotions with an outpouring of longing, belonging to the genre of lamentation. Mufarreh’s verses encapsulate sentiments of presence and absence, as illustrated in lines like, “So, is this how it is? / He goes far away after leaving his scent here / Sowing my existence with the green of his words / Then abandoning it to wither.” The collection is a testament to Saadia Mufarreh’s mastery in weaving complex emotions into poetry, encapsulating the essence of human experience in her uniquely eloquent style.


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