Huddud is House

Huddud is House

Author: Fadi Azzam

Publishing House: Interlink Books

Publication Year: 2024

Genre: Novel

Number of Pages: 319

Fadi Azzam’s “Huddud is House,” a moving novel, gained a spot on the longlist for the International Prize of Arabic Fiction. It deeply explores a love story set in the turmoil of war-torn Damascus. The book asks critical questions: How far can love go to reclaim its lost voice? What happens to ordinary people under tyranny’s harsh rule?

Set in the Arab Spring in Syria, “Huddud’s House” emerges as a powerful, epic tale. It’s deeply rooted in Damascus’s rich history. The story vividly portrays love and violence, testing human resilience in the face of great adversity.

Azzam’s narrative skillfully captures the Syrian people’s unyielding spirit and resistance during the war. “Huddud is House” is a saga that highlights the dangers of ignoring new threats and forgetting past horrors. In this story, Azzam undertakes a metaphorical journey to amplify the voices of his people, resilient against violence and oppression.

“Huddud is House” is more than a story. It’s a tribute to the unbreakable human spirit in the midst of conflict and uncertainty. The novel delves into the essence of love, the impact of political unrest, and the persistent hope in the darkest times. Azzam’s work thoughtfully reflects on the complexities of life in a historic city facing unprecedented changes and challenges.

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