I Tear the Veil to See

I Tear the Veil to See

Publishing House: Jadawel

Publication Year: 2011

Genre: Biography

Number of Pages: 191

“I Tear the Veil to See” by Huda al-Daghfaq merges autobiography, social anthropology, and creativity. It challenges societal norms and censorship with deep analysis and personal perspective.

The book’s four chapters are “The Apple of My Postponed Desire,” “Exiting the Tent,” “My Black and Its White,” and “My Incomplete Biography,” ending with “The Final Stand.” Each part examines different elements of Saudi society, like social criticism, personal laws, patriarchal norms, and gender relations. Al-Daghfaq critically assesses the patriarchal system, focusing on its impact on women’s rights and Saudi adolescent girls.

In “My Black and Its White,” she explores the meanings behind traditional clothing colors in the Gulf, assessing their psychological and social effects on women. The book also addresses the portrayal of women in media, confronting conservative views.

The book reflects al-Daghfaq’s journey. “My Incomplete Biography” gives an insight into her literary career, upbringing, and challenges like family opposition and extremist reactions to her prose poetry. This section illuminates her cultural influences and poetic principles.

Al-Daghfaq highlights the value of cultural exchanges for Saudi women writers. She shares experiences in translation, publishing, and electronic publishing’s role in Saudi Arabia’s literary scene. She also explains her writing rituals and the importance of daily diaries in skill development.

The book ends with “The Final Stand,” a significant event at a Jeddah poetry evening, symbolizing her literary challenges.

“I Tear the Veil to See” represents al-Daghfaq’s metaphorical quest to transcend societal constraints, seeking deeper intellectual and humanistic understanding. It emphasizes the need for active engagement of Saudi women in global cultural and intellectual dialogues, promoting societal progress.

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