In the Spider’s Room

In the Spider's Room

Publishing House: Hoopoe

Publication Year: 2000

Genre: Novel

Number of Pages: 226

In the Spider’s Room, While enjoying an evening walk near Cairo’s Tahrir Square, Hani felt a forceful grip on his shoulder. Identified by an informant, he was abruptly apprehended and tossed into a police vehicle. This marked the beginning of a harrowing seven-month ordeal, as he became entangled in the notorious Queen Boat scandal aimed at Egypt’s LGBTQ+ community.

After gaining his freedom, though psychologically scarred to the point of being unable to speak, Hani chronicles the pivotal events of his life. He documents his earliest feelings of same-sex attraction, his complex relationship with his mother, his marriage of convenience, and his deep affection for Abdel Aziz, the only man he ever genuinely loved.

In the Spider’s Room is a poignant and brave depiction of the experience of being a gay man in Egypt.

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