It is About to Happen

It is About to Happen

Publishing House: Masciliani

Publication Year: 2020

Genre: Poetry

Number of Pages: 217

The poetry collection “It is About to Happen” is a literary work by the Saudi writer and poet Ahmed Al-Mulla. It constitutes his thirteenth poetry collection, comprising two sets titled “It is About to Happen” and “The Sleeping Mirror”, published by Masciliani Publishing House (Tunisia) in 2020.

The collection features a dialogue between poet Ahmed Al-Mulla’s words and artist Reem Sameer Al-Bayyat’s illustrations. Here, words reflect in the mirror of the painting, and the painting reflects in the eyes of the words. The collection spans 217 pages and includes 61 poems.

“It is About to Happen” delves into poetic expressions of pain and sorrow, exemplified by poems like “Never Before” and “I Search for Him”, which hint at the search for self. Additionally, the collection features the poem “I Push My Life Toward Water” to express existential crisis. It explores several existential inquiries, prompting readers to engage with their dreams, thoughts, and fears, which articulate their queries.

Exploring the Structure and Highlights of “It is About to Happen”

“It is About to Happen” comprises 49 prose poems of varying lengths, with titles that directly or indirectly reflect the nature of the poems. The second part, “The Sleeping Mirror”, includes 14 poems, six of which are written in a narrative style, six in a line style, and two experimenting with the fusion of narrative and line styles. The artist Reem Sameer Al-Bayyat inspires and expresses drawings interspersed throughout both collections.

Among the notable poems in the collection “It is About to Happen” are “I Push My Life Toward Water”, “Defago”, “Ring”, “It is Poetry”, “Bicycle”, “He Shot Me with His Arrow”, “Orphaned Ideas”, “The Past Year”, “My Narrative”, “Concealed Places”, “Guardian of the Spring”, “Magnifying Glass”, “We Speak in Unison”, and “The Thorny Ones”.

Ahmed Al-Mulla’s prominent poetry collections include “Shadows Crumbling” in 1995, “Light and Inclined Like a Cassian” in 1997, “An Arrow Whispering My Name” in 2005, “Exercises of the Monster” in 2010, and “Our Girls Wrote” in 2013.

He has also published “A Marked Difference” and “The Air is Long and Short is the Earth” in 2014, “How Beautiful My Mistakes Are” in 2016, “A Hole the Size of Me” in 2017, “Hassan the Seventh” in 2017, “Beware of Dying Before You” in 2018, “Index of Destruction” and “It is About to Happen” in 2020.

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