Landmarks of Modernity

Landmarks of Modernity

Publishing House: Rewayat

Publication Year: 2022

Genre: Philosophy

Number of Pages: 542

“Landmarks of Modernity: Western Modernity in Sixty Foundational Texts from the Seventeenth to the Twentieth Century” by Saad Albazei is an extensive and illuminating exploration into the depths of Western modernity. This book, published by “Riwayat” of the “Kalimat” Group, stands as a significant compilation, encompassing sixty texts by some of the most influential Western thinkers, writers, critics, and artists. These individuals shaped Western modernity from the mid-17th to the mid-20th century, contributing significantly over three hundred years.

Structured into five chapters, the book explores themes like existence, consciousness, religion, art, language, literature, politics, and sociology. Starting with the era of Descartes and Spinoza and extending to the period of Karl Popper and Picasso, the book introduces Arabic readers to the landmarks of Western modernity. It includes texts from diverse movements like existentialism, realism, Marxism, symbolism, romanticism, and cubism. The selected works blend ideas, visions, and creativity across thought, culture, science, and art—a movement that significantly changed the human perspective and the world.

Albazei‘s book is not just a collection but an attempt to enable readers to engage with the texts in their broader contexts and interconnectedness. Explanatory footnotes supplement the book, aiding readers in understanding references and unraveling some of the complexities within these texts. While the selected texts in “Landmarks of Modernity” are not necessarily the most important or representative of modernity, they are certainly among the most significant, considering their content and the works they are excerpted from. These texts form a well-known and prominent part of the European languages library, offering readers a valuable gateway into understanding the vast and impactful world of Western modernity.

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