Lonely in Riyadh

Lonely in Riyadh

Publishing House: Dar Athar

Publication Year: 2022

Genre: Novel

Number of Pages: 248

In the enigmatic world of “Lonely in Riyadh,” the protagonist finds solace in the vibrant tapestry of colors adorning their existence. Yet, the ominous presence of crows casts a shadow over their landscape, foreboding an impending darkness. As the flaming crops merge with a fading sky, a sense of impending change looms. The once clear sky now signals an uncertain future, and the protagonist stands at the crossroads of a long, empty road that vanishes into the horizon, mirroring their journey into the labyrinth of solitude. In this narrative, the interplay of light and shadow mirrors the internal struggle against the encroaching specter of death, weaving a tale of introspection, isolation, and the ever-present search for meaning in a world on the brink of transformation.

I don’t like those crows that hover in my sky; they make me feel the end is near. I’ve never liked them, even though they’ve been flying here since the beginning of time. They make me extremely melancholic, even as I carry all these colors, lines, and curves on my body. They attack me every time, attacking my crops as if warning me of impending doom. I stand before them with my cool colors of yellow, green, and blue, watching those small black lines that want to swoop in and envelop the place in darkness.

The flaming crops merge with a sky whose colors seem to be fading. The sky is no longer as clear as it once was; everything is on the verge of change, though I don’t know what will really happen next. Death surrounds me, and that long, empty road ahead cuts me off; it disappears into the horizon, and I disappear into the maze of solitude. That is why i am Lonely in Riyadh.

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