Mazajaha Zanjabil

Publishing House: Dar Almufradat Literary Club - Hail

Publication Year: 2019

Genre: Poetry

Number of Pages: 118

In the poetry collection “Mazajaha Zanjabil” by Fawaz Al-Laboon, the focus is on exploring the aesthetic nuances of poetic language. Examining its unique characteristics, and assessing its capability to achieve poetic beauty. This analytical review employs a descriptive and analytical methodology to delve into the intricacies of poetic language. Particularly in the use of stylistic devices such as ellipsis, inversion, and various rhetorical figures that shift from literal to metaphorical expressions. The collection also exhibits the beauty of imagery through similes, metaphors, and metonymy.

Furthermore, the study highlights the rhythmic beauty within the poems. Especially through the use of alliteration and repetition. A notable aspect of Al-Laboon’s work is the intertextuality with the Holy Quran and other literary texts. Adding layers of depth and complexity to the poetry. These elements distinctly mark Al-Laboon’s poetry in the selected works for the study. Serving as a linguistic signature that elevates his poetic language to creative excellence. Setting it apart from prose language.

Fawaz Al-Laboon, born in 1975 in Saudi Arabia. He is a distinguished professor who has made significant contributions in the field of literature and criticism. His literary activity encompasses a vast array of critical and creative works. With a notable emphasis on Arabic poetry. His most famous creations include “Contemporary Saudi Women’s Poetry,” “Al-Khalidiat,” and “A Satirical Comparative Literature.” He has also published several poetry collections, including “Tahawwim al-Sa’ah al-Wahida,” “Mazajaha Zanjabil,” and others.

Al-Laboon’s academic pursuits are reflected in his extensive research in literature and criticism. As well as his active participation in poetry evenings and literary, cultural, and critical seminars and conferences, both in Saudi Arabia and internationally. He is recognized for his deep engagement with classical Arabic and is celebrated as one of the leading contemporary poets in the field, not just in the Middle East but also on a global scale.

His education in Arabic literature, culminating in a Ph.D. from Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University, has significantly influenced his poetic work. He is known for his clear and error-free Arabic language in his poetry. Al-Laboon’s experience in academia, combined with his creative endeavors, has made him a prominent figure in the revival and promotion of Classical Arabic poetry. His active participation in various literary and cultural events has established him as a notable presence in the Saudi Arabian poetry scene. Additionally, his involvement in new media has garnered a significant following, further amplifying his influence in the literary world.

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