Monarchs’ Index

Fahres Al-Muluk

Publishing House: Dar Maraya

Publication Year: 2023

Genre: Short Stories,Stories

Number of Pages: 82

“Monarchs’ Index, [Fahres Al-Muluk]” by Omani author Laila Abdullah, unfolds across fifteen captivating tales, reminiscent of the enchanting narratives from One Thousand and One Nights. Published by Dar Miraya in 2023, this collection delves into the theme of kingship, suggesting a metaphorical index to unravel the layers within these stories.

From its main title, “Monarchs’ Index,” to opening quotes and story headings, the collection hints at a world dominated by power, influence, and control. The stories raise various questions about kings, exploring their tales drawn from oral or written traditions and expressing them through modern short story techniques.

Laila Abdullah skillfully weaves a narrative that tackles power dynamics, exploring the multifaceted meanings of “monarchs” – from tyranny to revolution, fear to conspiracy, falsehood to betrayal of literature. Her storytelling captures the struggles for power, revealing how societies view their rulers, portraying them as godlike figures walking the earth.

Addressing complex issues with symbolic flair, the collection raises questions about how societies deify their rulers, the transformation of the king’s statue into a symbol of servitude, the dichotomy of literature versus commerce for some writers turning into traders. It also delves into the rulers’ perspectives on books, writers, and tales, and ventures into stories revealing how rulers distract their people from basic needs, shining a light on the vital issue of rulers deceiving their subjects.

With a fluid narrative, poetic language, and intricate plots, these stories aim to dismantle power dynamics, providing a fresh understanding through engaging storytelling, making them resonate as deeply as traditional folk tales. Explore the intriguing world of “Monarchs’ Index” for a thought-provoking journey into the complexities of authority.

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