My Days

Publishing House: Madarek

Publication Year: 2015

Genre: Memoirs

Number of Pages: 193

In “My Days,” Dr. Mohammed Abdu Yamani, former Saudi Minister of Information and Culture, shares the journey of his career, offering insights into his intriguing clashes with official customs, which readers find both engaging and entertaining.

Dr. Yamani’s journey began at Riyadh University, where he boldly challenged the system over student stipends, marking his entry into leadership.

Studying in the United States led to his immersion in student affairs, misunderstood back home as involvement in American state governance.

Returning to Saudi Arabia, Dr. Yamani’s academic career flourished, despite facing bureaucratic reshuffling at times.

A pivotal moment occurred during his trip to Iraq, where he acquired heritage books amid numerous challenges, showcasing his dedication to cultural preservation.

As director of King Abdulaziz University, he championed women’s inclusion, overcoming initial resistance and fostering eventual acceptance.

During his tenure as Minister of Information, Dr. Yamani prioritized media transparency, often challenging established norms to usher in more open media practices in the Kingdom.

His writings in “My Days” reflect diverse interests, spanning Islamic history to contemporary Arab world challenges, revealing his multifaceted persona.

Despite his varied roles and achievements, Dr. Yamani remained grounded in humility and service, continuing to contribute to academia and Islamic charitable activities post-ministerial tenure.

Dr. Mohammed Abdu Yamani’s life story stands as a testament to his unwavering dedication to Saudi Arabia and the Islamic world, leaving a profound legacy that resonates far beyond his ministerial tenure.

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