Neglected Memories of a Lazy Student

Neglected Memories of a Lazy Student

Publishing House: Madarek Publishing House

Publication Year: 2015

Genre: Biography

Number of Pages: 225

“Neglected Memories of a Lazy Student: An Educational Journey from Elementary to Doctorate” by Ahmed Al-Arfaj is a book that vividly narrates the author’s life story, starting from his humble beginnings to his academic accomplishments. Al-Arfaj, a well-known Saudi personality, shares his journey in a candid and engaging manner, reminiscent of Taha Hussein’s approach in “Al-Ayyam” (The Days). The book’s foreword, requested by Al-Arfaj and penned by an admirer, adds a layer of perspective to his autobiography.

Al-Arfaj’s reputation precedes him, making an introduction almost unnecessary. His fame and notoriety in various circles speak for themselves. The foreword’s author reflects on his experience of reading the manuscript, pondering over it during a trip from the coast to the inland, seeking divine inspiration for words that would do justice to Al-Arfaj’s story. He decides to share memories with Al-Arfaj, valuing the book’s personal touch and relatability.

“Neglected Memories of a Lazy Student” core message is one of hope and perseverance. It serves as a testament that with determination and hard work, even a self-proclaimed ‘lazy student’ can achieve great things. Al-Arfaj’s journey is an inspiration to students everywhere, embodying the proverb that after difficulty comes ease. Al-Arfaj aimed to earn a Ph.D. while his mother lived, fulfilling his dream and proudly sharing the achievement on social media.

Ali Al-Olayani, the writer of the foreword, expresses pride in his friend Al-Arfaj, admiring his determination and success. He applauds Al-Arfaj’s dedication to his studies and his ability to control his time, a key factor in his success. The book not only chronicles Al-Arfaj’s academic journey but also celebrates the fulfillment of a deeply personal goal, showcasing the importance of family and personal aspirations in one’s educational journey.

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