Publishing House: Hoopoe

Publication Year: 2016

Genre: Novel

Number of Pages: 353

In 2025, Egypt faces invasion, 15 years post an unsuccessful revolution. In Cairo’s neglect and trauma, former police officer Ahmed Otared joins ex-cops for Egypt’s violent liberation.

Amid Cairo’s decay of drugs, licentiousness, and brutality, Otared, once a police officer, rises defiantly from the ashes. He allies with former colleagues aiming for Egypt’s liberation through drastic, even violent, measures.

Rabie’s novel paints a bleak vision of Egypt’s future, where mortality is the sole guarantee. In a decaying Cairo marked by drugs, licentiousness, and brutality, Otared confronts a grim realization about his homeland’s fate.

In Rabie’s haunting narrative, a bleak vision of Egypt’s future unfolds, leaving mortality as the unassailable certainty in a landscape defined by uncertainty. Rabie’s work is a stark commentary on a nation at the crossroads, exploring the human condition in relentless adversity.

Rabie masterfully weaves personal and societal themes, exploring resilience in pervasive despair. Otared’s odyssey becomes a symbol of hope against Egypt’s uncertain future, a testament to an indomitable spirit in the darkest times.

In chronicling lives amid upheaval, Rabie captures the essence of societal transformation. Otared’s journey echoes the collective struggle, offering profound insights into human resilience amidst the shifting sands of adversity.

Through Rabie’s lens, Egypt’s tumultuous narrative unfolds, revealing the stark realities of societal upheaval and individual resilience.

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