Sea-Wafted Women

Sea-Wafted Women

Publishing House: Dorrance Publishing Co. Inc

Publication Year: 2019

Genre: Novel

Number of Pages: 277

“Sea-Wafted Women” portrays the lives of a respected Saudi trading family amid Riyadh’s oil boom from 1955 to 1990.

In this novel, three women embarked on a transformative journey from the Levant to the Arabian Peninsula.

In this narrative, they went beyond wives, taking on the transformative responsibility of educators in a society undergoing profound change.

Born in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Omaima Al-Khamis is a prolific writer who began publishing early.

Omaima Al-Khamis, a prolific writer, hails from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and began publishing early.

Her novel “Voyage of the Herons over the Agate Cities” clinched the 2018 Naguib Mahfouz Medal.

Her debut novel “Al-Bahriyat,” published in 2006, underwent multiple reprints, including a special edition in Egypt.

“The Leafy Tree,” her sophomore novel, achieved longlisting for the 2010 International Prize for Arabic Fiction, followed by “Saja’s Visit” in 2013.

“Voyage of the Cranes in the Cities of Agate,” her latest work, secured the 2018 Naguib Mahfouz Medal for Literature.

“Sea-Wafted Women” transcends boundaries, inviting readers to immerse in a world where the sea mirrors life’s complexities and the enduring strength in bonds between women.

“Sea-Wafted Women” invites readers to witness the characters’ lives and reflect on the broader socio-cultural landscape of the Arabian Peninsula during a transformative period.

Al-Khamis weaves historical context and personal narratives, going beyond event retelling to offer readers a profound, immersive experience.

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