Shiite and Sunni Salafism

Shiite and Sunni Salafism

Publishing House: Arab Network for Research and Publishing

Publication Year: 2014

Genre: Religions

Number of Pages: 109

In “Shiite and Sunni Salafism: Research on Its Impact on Social Integration,” Dr. Abdullah Al-Buraidi delves into the complex issue of social integration within the Arab context, particularly focusing on the followers of Sunni and Shia sects. His analysis transcends the merely religious and ritualistic dimensions, instead emphasizing the civil and civic aspects of integration based on the principles of citizenship in a modern state. Al-Buraidi identifies political factors as the primary threats to this integration, along with the challenges posed by what he terms as ‘sectarian Salafism.’ He further explores the dangers of ‘categorization,’ ‘stereotyping,’ ‘identity,’ and ‘bigotry’ as key elements affecting this dynamic.

The book is divided into six discussions, where Al-Buraidi alternates between proposing a theoretical model to address the issue of categorization and analyzing real-world examples of the Salafist mentality. He also includes an illustrated appendix showcasing certain practices of Salafism from both sects.

Al-Buraidi views his work as a contribution to rationalizing the Arab intellectual movement, shifting it from ‘ideological skirmishes’ to ‘systematic dialogue.’ He clarifies that the book is not an intellectual condemnation of the Salafist mindset but rather a critical enrichment aiming to steer Salafist thought towards contributing to the Arab-Islamic civilizational project. This approach reflects Al-Buraidi’s intention to not merely critique but to guide and reshape the Salafist thought process in a direction that aligns with broader civilizational and cultural objectives in the Arab and Islamic world.

“Shiite and Sunni Salafism: Research on Its Impact on Social Integration” thus represents a significant scholarly effort by Al-Buraidi to address and unpack the complex interplay between religious beliefs, social integration, and political dynamics in the Arab world. His work stands as a critical intervention in the ongoing dialogue about the role of different Islamic sects in shaping the social and cultural fabric of Arab societies.

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