Social Glimpses of Iraq’s Modern History

Author: Ali Al-Wardi

Publishing House: Lantern Publications

Publication Year: 2008

Genre: History

Number of Pages: 395

In “Social Glimpses of Iraq’s Modern History,” Ali al-Wardi (1913-1995). He is a renowned Iraqi sociologist, takes a unique approach to unravel the formation of modern Iraq.

To grasp the complexities of contemporary Iraq, it’s essential to delve into its early history. The current state of Iraq, often perceived as fragmented and troubled, is deeply rooted in its past. A profound understanding of this history is vital to comprehend the nation’s present challenges.

Renowned Iraqi sociologist Ali al-Wardi (1913-1995) offers a pivotal analysis of the critical period that shaped modern Iraq. His study covers the foundational years from 1920 to 1924, a time marked by significant upheavals: the aftermath of World War I, the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, the emergence of Arab nationalism, and the influential role of British officials and military in molding the Iraqi state. These influences, primarily driven by Britain’s global imperial ambitions, played a pivotal role in defining Iraq’s contemporary identity.

Al-Wardi’s work, “Social Glimpses of Iraq’s Modern History,” now translated into English, is part of an expansive eight-volume series. This particular book “Social Glimpses of Iraq’s Modern History”, translating the sixth volume of the series, offers a distinctive exploration of Iraq’s formative years. It provides readers with an in-depth view of the various forces and events that have shaped Iraq. The book sheds light on key socio-political dynamics that have influenced not only Iraq but the entire region.

Through this translation, English-speaking audiences have the opportunity to gain critical insights into the historical events and power dynamics that led to the creation of modern Iraq. Al-Wardi’s analysis helps to contextualize the current situation in Iraq, tracing its origins back to these tumultuous and transformative years. Understanding this history is crucial for anyone seeking to comprehend the complexities and challenges that continue to shape Iraq today.

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