Stubborn in Love

Stubborn in Love

Publishing House: Indiana – USA

Publication Year: 2021

Genre: Poems

Number of Pages: 74

Stubborn in Love is a collection of poems written originally in Arabic by Amr Muneer Dahab and translated to English by Youssef Elharrak in collaboration with Amr Muneer Dahab.

Translating poetry is particularly difficult because poetry is so closely linked to the specificity of each language. As for classical Arabic lyric poetry, it is a very special case because it is based mainly on the music of the words and expressions of the Arabic language and on the arts of rhetoric and wordplay; and this is what specifically makes translating it an extremely difficult task.

If translating any literary work involves, to some degree, betrayal of the translated creative work, as is said; then this betrayal appears in its clearest form when translating Arabic lyric poetry in particular.

The translation of “Stubborn in Love” seems as if it were closer to being a literal translation of the Arabic text to faithfully convey what the poet wanted in his poems and what he felt when he wrote them. It is not surprising that this made the poems lose some of their linguistic aesthetics, even if they certainly did not lose their poetic value.

Dahab says in the collection’s preface: “I constantly mention that I resigned from the kingdom of poetry, but I am still bound in the castle of love in all its forms. The forms of love are variable, unlike what the lovers might admit, and the two most prominent forms of love are intense eagerness and deep intimacy. It is my great luck that I did not abandon one of these two forms throughout my relationship with my beloved, to whom I have picked every single piece of this bouquet of poems”.

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