Arabistan Orchards


Publishing House: Dar Al-Adab Al-Arabi

Publication Year: 2015-2022

Genre: Fiction

Number of Pages: 535

The “Arabistan Orchards” series is a novel series by the Saudi author Osama Al-Muslim, revolving around a witch seeking revenge for her father’s killer, starting to form a coven of witches. During the recruitment and revenge journey, epic, thrilling, and breathtaking events unfold.

Epic Tale Before Islam

The “Arabistan Orchards” series is an epic set in the days of ignorance before Islam in the Arabian Peninsula, still ranking among the best-selling books in the Gulf States and the Arab world. The series, with its fantasy, horror, and imaginative theme, attracts many readers to its ideas and storyline and has been translated into English.

Distinctive Fantasy Brilliance

“Arabistan Orchards” is considered one of the best fantasy novel series, distinguished by its style and intriguing story. Author Osama Al-Muslim excelled in presenting a unique fantasy novel series.

The series showcases a range of distinctive historical events, where Al-Muslim covers many stories, including the story of Pharaoh Moses, Solomon’s Seal, and the story of Jesus, in addition to the story of the Master of Creatures, all centered around the theme of revenge.

Global Recognition and Adaptation

The novel has been translated into English by the Center for Arab Literature for Publishing and Distribution. The Saudi MBC group is also working on converting it into a major series titled “The Resurrection of the Witches,” adapted from the original novel, and it is one of the largest Saudi drama productions.

The first parts of “Arabistan Orchards” were released in 2015, and the series is divided into two main sections, each comprising three parts:

  • The first part: Arabistan Orchards in 2015
  • The second part: The League of Devils in 2016, which continued the epic events introduced in the first part, fueled by the desire for revenge as mentioned in the first book of the series.
  • The third part: Winds of Migration in 2016, in which the author continued to talk about the epic of revenge, retribution, and the bitterness of loss.
  • The fourth part: The Lame One in 2018, marking the beginning of this second trilogy.
  • The fifth part: The Hybrid Witch in 2020.
  • The sixth part: The Lion’s Den in 2022, which is the last part of the series.

The author advises in the novel that one should not be like a tree whose leaves sway with every passing wind, but rather like a steadfast rock without roots. He also describes how some people are like a blazing fire, offering others moments of warmth before burning them.

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