The Art of Letting Go

Publishing House: Al-Tanweer

Publication Year: 2016

Genre: Short Stories

Number of Pages: 96

“The Art of Letting Go” by Abdullah Nasser is a captivating collection of short stories that enthral readers with their richly imagined worlds and meticulous construction. The protagonist of the central story resides in a small apartment on the nineteenth floor, living a life blurred between reality and confusion. This confusion reaches its climax on his last day when he confuses the sky with the sea, leading to a tragic end.

The book is distinguished by its unique approach to extremely short story-telling. The stories deconstruct reality and recreate both animate and inanimate objects in a lively, overflowing, and dense manner, challenging the reader’s perception of the world around them.

This collection offers narratives that delve deep into character analysis, presenting fears, events, and interactions that intertwine with human questions and actions. It shows a renewal in short story writing, where the author uses his extensive experience as a reader to create a unique and creative work.

Celebrating the short story as a literary form, the book underscores its ability to narrate expansive tales in a concise yet profound manner. It stands out as a remarkable example of contemporary Arabic literary works, reflecting the author’s capacity for innovation and creativity in the realm of short fiction.

The short story, often compared to the novel, has its unique charm and effectiveness, especially when carefully crafted. The ability to tell a long tale in just a few lines is a form of art, which Nasser demonstrates masterfully in this collection. His use of extensive literary knowledge within these creative works makes this collection particularly notable in the context of contemporary Arabic literature.

In essence, “Art of Letting Go” by Abdullah Nasser is not just a collection of stories; it’s a fresh perspective on life, emotions, and human interactions, woven into a tapestry of rich and concise narrative that captures the essence of modern storytelling in Arabic literature.

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