The Baghdad Clock

The Baghdad Clock

Publishing House: Oneworld Publications

Publication Year: 2018

Genre: Novel

Number of Pages: 257

Shahad Al Rawi’s “The Baghdad Clock” brings readers to Baghdad’s heart during the first Gulf War in 1991. In this setting, a young Iraqi girl finds solace in an air raid shelter and befriends Nadia. Their friendship blossoms as they face the trials of growing up in a city ravaged by war.

In their imaginative sanctuary, they share dreams, aspirations, and first love experiences, creating a world apart from the surrounding conflict. Yet, as they mature, the reality of bombings, sanctions, and friends fleeing Iraq confronts them, marking an irreversible change in their lives.

More than a coming-of-age narrative, “The Baghdad Clock” vividly depicts life in a city slowly disappearing. Al Rawi skillfully portrays the experiences of those living through a reality often reduced to mere news. The novel explores the resilience of children adapting and growing amidst adversity and uncertainty.

This story isn’t just about friendship and maturation; it’s a testament to the unyielding human spirit in dire circumstances. It captures the essence of a generation maturing during times of intense strife, showcasing their remarkable capacity for hope and strength. “The Baghdad Clock” is a poignant and moving work, offering a unique view of a pivotal historical period. It highlights the personal, often unheard stories of those who endured it.

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