The Believing Mind / The Atheist Mind

The Believing Mind / The Atheist Mind

Publishing House: Obeikan

Publication Year: 2020

Genre: Philosophy,Religions

Number of Pages: 84

In “The Believing Mind / The Atheist Mind,” author Abdullah Al-Ghathami delves into a profound philosophical debate: Can a non-intelligent force create an intelligent one? This question, originated by Rousseau and later adopted by scientists and philosophers, hinges on the understanding that humans didn’t create themselves. Therefore, it logically follows that a creator must possess attributes of will and deliberation to an even greater degree.
This notion stands in contrast to Stephen Hawking’s assertion that nature created itself, despite the general consensus that nature lacks intelligence, presenting a methodological quandary.

The book navigates between two distinct groups in this debate. The first group engages with questions about the universe’s existence, the meaning of our own existence, and what happens after death. They accept these questions and attempt to provide answers. The second group, adhering to the principle of scientific determinism, rejects these inquiries, considering them irrelevant.

In “The Believing Mind / The Atheist Mind,” Al-Ghathami introduces seven Western scientists and philosophers engaged in direct discussions with each other. These dialogues reveal a rich intellectual landscape, uncovering the state of arguments between these two camps. The author finds intellectual and emotional enjoyment in these dialogues and hopes that readers will experience a similar pleasure in the book’s chapters.

Al-Ghathami’s book serves as a bridge between these two ideological sides. By presenting the arguments and counterarguments of each group, he offers a comprehensive overview of a perennial debate. The author’s intention is not just to inform but also to stimulate the reader’s mind and emotions, inviting them to partake in the intellectual journey he has charted. This journey navigates the intricate landscape of belief, skepticism, and the pursuit of understanding our existence and the universe.

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