The Blind Sinbad: Atlas of the Sea and War

The Blind Sinbad: Atlas of the Sea and War

Publishing House: Takween Publishing

Publication Year: 2021

Genre: Novel

Number of Pages: 334

“The Blind Sinbad: Atlas of the Sea and War,” penned by Bothayna El Essa, masterfully unfolds around an unforeseen incident that drastically alters its characters’ destinies. Initially marked by aspirations and care, these characters gradually transform, diverging sharply from their original selves. The book delves into themes of love, friendship, betrayal, commitment, and war, exposing a reality distorted by the absurdity of life.

El Essa skillfully critiques honor crimes in her narrative, shedding light on the biased blame placed on women, the often-ignored male culpability, and society’s role in either remaining silent or participating in these injustices. The novel poignantly portrays prisons, both physical and psychological, underscoring the duplicity and gender biases prevalent in Arab societies. It narrates the struggles of a misguided tyrant and a young girl’s vain attempt to be acknowledged.

Set in the turbulent 1990s Kuwait, amidst the Iraqi invasion and Gulf War, the story centers on the deep bond between Nawaf and Amer. This friendship, extending to their families, collapses following a single error, turning profound friendship into deep-seated hatred and ruin.

Bothayna El Essa, as an author, delves deep into dissecting Arab societies. She commits to unearthing and highlighting pressing issues, offering a significant service to her community. Employing fluid language and a compelling style, El Essa vividly portrays her characters’ internal struggles and societal conflicts, leaving a lasting impression on the reader.

“The Blind Sinbad: Atlas of the Sea and War” is a remarkable novel, providing an enriching and layered insight into human relationships against a backdrop of social and political upheaval. It was an exceptionally engaging and thought-provoking read, showcasing the complexities of human interactions in challenging times.

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