The Drone Eats with Me

The Drone Eats with Me

Publishing House: Beacon Press

Publication Year: 2016

Genre: Memoirs

Number of Pages: 264

“The Drone Eats with Me: A Gaza Diary” by Atef Abu Saif is a profoundly impactful diary that presents a vivid portrayal of the harrowing experiences of civilians during Israel’s 2014 invasion of Gaza. This personal account reveals the impact of modern warfare on ordinary people, often obscured by political discourse.

Triggered by a tragic event, the 2014 conflict prompted Israel to launch a large-scale assault on Gaza. This assault lasted for 51 days, resulting in the deaths of 2,145 Gazans, including 578 children. Stark figures don’t fully convey the human suffering experienced by Gaza residents in daily life disruption.

Atef Abu Saif, a writer and editor, and a resident of Gaza, provides a unique insight into this situation. Weeks before the invasion, Abu Saif toured the UK to promote stories depicting Gaza’s everyday life. Major international news outlets published his diary entries as the conflict intensified.

These publications offered a rare glimpse into the lives of ordinary, non-political Gazans who bore the brunt of the war.

Atef Abu Saif’s Poignant Diary of the 2014 Gaza Bombardment

Abu Saif’s diary serves as an essential record of the 2014 bombardment of Gaza, offering a level of detail and personal insight that no external reporter could achieve. His narrative is a poignant reminder of the true scale of individual and collective suffering in times of war.

Praised by journalists and authors alike, “The Drone Eats with Me” has been likened to a literary equivalent of Goya’s “Disasters of War.” Acclaimed for its luminous depiction, the diary expresses love for life amidst surreal and absurd horrors. Michael Ondaatje, the author of “The English Patient,” describes Abu Saif’s work as a “devastating contemporary war journal” and a unique civilian voice in the era of drone warfare. Molly Crabapple, author of “Drawing Blood,” commends the diary for its profound humanity and for bringing to light the often-overlooked aspects of life and resilience in war-torn areas.

Through his diary, Atef Abu Saif not only documents the events of the conflict but also immortalizes the human spirit’s perseverance in the face of overwhelming adversity. His work crucially testifies to the experiences of those under bombardment, offering an invaluable contemporary perspective.

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