The Duduk’s Whimper

The Duduk's Whimper

Author: Jalal Barjas

Publishing House: Arab Institute for Research & Publishing

Publication Year: 2023

Genre: Novel

Number of Pages: 224

The novel “The Duduk’s Whimper,” by the writer Jalal Barjas is considered a biographical novel and has reached the shortlist for the Sheikh Zayed Book Award 2024.

Through “The Duduk’s Whimper,” Jalal Barjas writes his personal narrative, delving deeply into themes of reading, writing, travel, love, failure, and success. The novel also offers an exploration of human sorrows and joys, illustrating how they shape individuals from childhood onwards.

The Duduk’s Whimper,” it’s the story of a writer who only has three hours of time each day, yet through it, he manages to establish his name among global authors.

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