The economy that matters to you: secrets of wealth, increasing income, and how the wealthy think

Publishing House: Dar Al-Hadarah

Publication Year: 2022

Genre: Economy

Number of Pages: 286

The economy that matters to you is the economy that keeps you above the poverty line and lifts you towards wealth. It’s the economy that increases your income, meets your needs, informs you about the best investment methods, and wealth-building strategies. The economy that matters to you isn’t the reports of the World Bank, the statistics of the economic forum, or even the budget of the country you live in. What truly matters to you is how you multiply your money, fill your wallet, and ascend to the class of the wealthy. Your personal and direct relationship with money is the economy that matters to you and should occupy your mind.

In this book, over the course of three parts, you will discover the secrets of money, investment, income multiplication, and how to build your wealth in the fastest way possible. It encompasses a total of 45 secrets arranged progressively and intentionally.

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