The Escape from Memory


Publishing House: Almutawassit Books

Publication Year: 2021

Genre: Novel

Number of Pages: 728

The novel, composed of three interconnected parts within a single book, revolves around Majdi Hebat-allah, a young man suffering from Stockholm syndrome after spending five years in prison. It highlights his struggle to adapt to his new life amidst his neighbors and family, while being haunted by memories of his past. Despite experiencing pain, confinement, and inner turmoil, upon his release from prison, he is surprised by an intense desire to return to his cell. He remains in a conflict not only with the changes in his new life but also with his own shadow and the fantasies he attempts to escape from.

The trilogy captures the economic, political, social, and intellectual changes in Egyptian society over the past decade, particularly following the January revolution. It delves into how Egyptians have been affected and how the Egyptian mentality and spirit have evolved as a result. Moreover, the novel highlights the extent of duplicity that has afflicted many over more than 50 years, as well as other manifestations of intellectual and moral extremism.

A trilogy of inspiring novels, it allows for a narrative that shakes many assumptions, leading entire cities to groan under the grip of fear of a history that repeats itself. What we try to escape from, we find before us, binding us and besieging our spirits. There is no salvation between right and left, tragedy and distraction, memory and attempts to forget, except through fleeing to freedom and dreaming and tracing the voices of revolution, starting from the first line of each part of the trilogy: “I saw what the sleeper sees…”

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