The Farce of the Human Mind

Author: Ali Al-Wardi

Publishing House: Al Waraaq

Publication Year: 2008

Genre: Social science

Number of Pages: 359

In “The Farce of the Human Mind,” Dr. Ali Al-Wardi pens a series of disparate chapters at various times, particularly following the controversy sparked by his earlier work, “Preachers of the Sultans.” These chapters, while not unified by a single theme. They are bound together by the reactions they elicited—satisfying some and infuriating others. Dr. Al-Wardi’s writings are propelled by a principle acknowledging that modern logic embraces the concepts of movement and evolution. He posits that everything in the universe is in a state of continual evolution, an unstoppable process. He argues that preachers must understand the laws of this evolution before they inundate their audiences with their grandiose sermons.

Al-Wardi’s book “The Farce of the Human Mind ” is not intended as a glorification of Western civilization or a call to embrace it. Instead, his aim is to convey an unavoidable reality: the modern concepts brought forth by Western civilization are undeniably on their way, and it is crucial to grasp this truth before it’s too late. The Islamic world, he observes, is undergoing a painful transitional phase, akin to labor pains. About half a century ago, the world was living in the Middle Ages. Then, suddenly, the new civilization emerged, sweeping away much of what was familiar. In every Muslim household, there is a struggle and debate between the old generation. Viewing life through a 10th-century lens, and the new generation. Aspiring to see it from a 20th-century perspective.

Al-Wardi had hoped that thinkers, religious scholars, and others would aid their people through this transitional crisis. However, they have often obstructed reform efforts. Thus, his book attempts to pioneer a new way of reading and understanding an Islamic society that. As he sees it, lives with a mentality rooted in the past while existing in an era of evolution requiring religious views and concepts. Which align with the realities of contemporary life.

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