The Girl Who No Longer Grows Up In The Photo Album


Publishing House: Athar

Publication Year: 2019

Genre: Short Stories

Number of Pages: 92

The short story collection “The Girl Who No Longer Grows Up in the Photo Album” by Saudi Arabian author Amal Al-Faran, published by Athr for Publishing and Distribution in 2019, spans 92 pages and includes fifteen stories. The collection explores a variety of themes such as time, death, the pain of mothers who lose their children to terrorist organizations, the lifelong struggles of a mute boy, life in purgatory, the tale of an ovum, and other unconventional and original ideas, presenting stories that are both authentic and unique.

“Nine Reasons Why Umm Fahad’s Project Failed,” “The Girl Who No Longer Grows Up in the Photo Album,” “Five Novels About What Happened on the Night of the Eighth of Ramadan,” “The Electoral Dilemma of Paradise,” and “The Mute,” are all titles that capture attention and arouse curiosity despite some being lengthy. These titles encapsulate complete stories within themselves. Even titles that may seem ordinary, such as “Girl,” “Saad,” “Sand,” “Refrigerator in a Furnished Apartment,” “Official Mission,” “Pink Dust,” and “Village of the Palace,” conceal unique and unconventional themes behind them.

The narrative techniques in the stories vary, including first-person narration, omniscient narration, and the use of multiple voices or multiple narrators. Each narrator presents a unique perspective that significantly differs from the others, adding multiple dimensions to the story and enriching the reading experience. This technique, often employed in novels, lends remarkable depth and diversity to the short story.

A prominent feature of this collection is the sense of humor with which the author Amal Al-Faran addresses the most complex topics and serious issues. Without resorting to stirring the reader’s emotions or seeking their sympathy, she aims to encourage them to explore her unusual ideas and view the worlds she imagines from a fresh and different perspective.

The collection as a whole reflects the author’s skill in using language and literary techniques to present short stories with deep and diverse themes that touch the emotions and provoke thought, underscoring the power of the short story as an art form capable of influence and inspiration.


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