The Greatness of the Eye

The Greatness of the Eye

Publishing House: Almutawassit Books

Publication Year: 2022

Genre: Theater

Number of Pages: 128

In his compelling compilation, “The Greatness of the Eye,” Saudi playwright Saleh Zamanan unveils a quartet of plays, each a unique canvas illustrating the profound connection between theater and the human spirit. Zamanan masterfully explores the captivating allure of the stage, demonstrating its potent ability to mirror and dissect the human condition. Across these narratives, he delves deep into existential philosophies, probing the essence of our being and existence on this planet.

One of the standout pieces, “Confined,” showcases Zamanan’s ingenuity and literary prowess. The play presents a thought-provoking scenario where individuals find themselves entrapped within the confines of another’s body, offering an introspective look at freedom, identity, and empathy. This narrative takes the audience on a poignant journey through various forms of imprisonment, both literal and metaphorical, illuminating the multifaceted nature of human anguish and resilience.

“The Desperate” introduces audiences to the turmoil of an average individual wrestling with his inner demons and contradictions. The character oscillates between moments of lucidity and episodes of distraction and self-deception, portraying the perennial struggle between reality and illusion, consciousness and denial.

In “Coffee,” Zamanan shifts focus to the mundane yet profound experiences of a café waiter. This monodrama encapsulates the waiter’s reflections on life’s disappointments and unfulfilled aspirations, inviting the audience to contemplate the universality of such experiences.

“Nostalgia” further expands Zamanan’s exploration of human experiences. It narrates the journey of an Arab man navigating the convoluted paths of time, cultural upheaval, and personal identity within the ever-changing Arab world. The play resonates with themes of displacement, longing, and the quest for meaning amidst chaos.

Concluding the collection, “The Greatness of the Eye” presents “Daytime Dialogues,” a trio of essays probing the essence of art, particularly theater, and its evolving relationship with humanity. Through these reflective pieces, Zamanan questions the role of art in reflecting and shaping human experiences, its transformative power, and its enduring legacy in capturing the quintessence of our existence.

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