The Gulf Man

Publishing House: Rewayat

Publication Year: 2022

Genre: Essays

Number of Pages: 141

Lectures that tackle urgent and dynamic cultural matters. While their subjects might seem disconnected at first glance, they are deeply interrelated at their core. For example, conversations about “window displays” are as much about intellectual discourse as they are part of the debate on aesthetics. Likewise, the “War on Terror,” a topical issue of the moment, cannot be divorced from discussions about media imagery and manipulation tactics. This is similar to how “media” is approached in its relationship with “literary language,” especially its dominating role in the realm of semiotics. Building on this, the topic of “football” and its relationship with intellectuals emerges. It serves as an intersection with a global trend that melds aesthetic and intellectual realms, particularly given the engagement of highly-regarded literary figures in its dynamics. As for the dialogue about the “Gulf intellectual’s split between architectural culture and deeper meanings,” it becomes a pressing subject in the context of significant transformations within this area. Similarly, from this contentious foundation, “prose poetry” appears as a subject that warrants assimilation into the Arab aesthetic mindset.

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