The Handsome Jew

The Handsome Jew

Author: Ali Al-Muqri

Publishing House: Kindle Edition

Publication Year: 2022

Genre: Novel

Number of Pages: 118

The Handsome Jew is a challenging and provocative novel that urges/ invites Muslims and Jews to contemplate themselves and the way they see the other through a doomed love story.

This Jew powerful novel tells the tragic saga of two lovers, Salem, a Jew, and Fatima, a Muslim, who fall into a forbidden, intense, and passionate love against all circumstances designed to divide them in a society bound by religion.

This boundary-crossing love story epitomizes the doomed relationship between Jews and Muslims in Yemen, sheds light on how each community sees the other, interrogates religious and social barriers, and proves that, against all odds, love can conquer all – OR till death do the fated couple part.

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