The Others

The Others

Author: Seba Al-Herz

Publishing House: Seven Stories Press

Publication Year: 2009

Genre: Novel

Number of Pages: 320

“The Others,” penned by Siba Al-Harez, emerges as an extraordinary literary piece that unveils the complexities of one of the world’s most restrictive societies. It narrates the story of an unnamed teenage girl in a girls’ school in Saudi Arabia’s Shi’ite-dominated Eastern Province. Her life, sheltered from men not in her family, transforms dramatically when Dai, a charismatic classmate, attempts to seduce her. Struggling with guilt and desire, she enters a clandestine world of lesbian encounters and secret liaisons.  Al-Harez depicts a sensual, dreamlike world of hidden lives on the edge of personal crises.

Siba Al-Harez’s ‘The Others’ as a Bold Critique of Saudi Society

Al-Harez’s novel reveals a lesbian girl’s inner struggles and secrets through a bold narrative. The book reveals the protagonist’s suffering, molded by psychological challenges while seeking her redemption and emotional healing.

This work has sparked controversy in Arab and particularly Saudi-Gulf societies due to its forthright, clear, and brave critique of Saudi society’s suppression and its infringement on social, intellectual, and personal freedoms. Siba Al-Harez’s pseudonym fuels speculation about her true identity, with some guessing she’s male.

“The Others” tackles various issues like marriage, singlehood, divorce, and sexuality. The novel illuminates societal changes, family breakdown, and youth’s moral decay in Saudi society. The novel is essential for understanding women’s literature, the lives of Saudi women, the nature of conservative societies, and prevailing social challenges. It boldly challenges traditional norms, exploring taboo topics in social, religious, and sexual realms.

The narrative offers a vivid depiction of the religious society, focusing on women’s daily challenges. The novel tackles education, forced marriages, divorce, polygamy, and the struggle for personal freedom and equality. The novel explores illicit relationships, highlighting societal repression’s impact on personal choices and freedoms. “The Others” stands as a courageous critique of the societal norms and religious conservatism governing women’s lives in Saudi Arabia.

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