The Philosophy of Otherness

The Philosophy of Otherness

Publishing House: Madarek Publishing House

Publication Year: 2021

Genre: Philosophy

Number of Pages: 422

In “The Philosophy of Otherness, The Other Between Sartre to Levinas and the Joy of Hospitality” Abdullah Al-Mutairi explores the theme of self and the other amidst growing social isolation and narcissism in our technologically advanced world.

Al-Mutairi argues that philosophy, unlike psychology and other social sciences, uniquely offers a distinct, comprehensive, and holistic approach, embracing diverse viewpoints to foster nuanced understanding and encourage exploration of underlying concepts. Moreover, this perspective encourages a deeper exploration, offering a comprehensive and interconnected insight.

This inclusivity thereby allows for a more nuanced understanding of the subject matter. Moreover, this multifaceted perspective not only encourages a richer exploration of underlying concepts but also provides a more comprehensive and interconnected insight. Furthermore, it captures a broader range of perspectives, thus facilitating a nuanced understanding. Additionally, it promotes an in-depth exploration beyond the surface, fostering a deeper grasp of intricate layers in the discussed ideas.

Al-Mutairi discusses the philosophical methodology employed by the philosophy of the other and the questions it raises. He contrasts traditional philosophy, which has historically been self-centric, placing the self, ‘us,’ the present, here, and presence at its core, with the philosophy of others that represents a shift in focus. This new direction indicates a radical shift in philosophical interest from self-centeredness to openness to the other.

Al-Mutairi begins his exploration of alterity philosophy without defining ‘the other’ to maintain its otherness, proposing that the receiving self should not frame the other in any mold to allow it full freedom. “Defining the other means its absence as the other.” He contrasts Sartre and Levinas on engaging with the other. The book is a philosophical dialogue on the self and its connection with others. Through this exploration, “Philosophy of Alterity” offers a deep and culturally resonant examination of the ways in which we relate to others in our increasingly interconnected yet isolated world.

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