The Pistachio Theory


Publishing House: Dar Al-Hadarah

Publication Year: 2020

Genre: Articles

Number of Pages: 336

It is one of the most important Arabic books released recently and published by Dar al-Hadara for Publishing and Distribution, which attempts to trace and then deconstruct some of the most complex problems and ideas facing contemporary humans. The author Fahd Amer Al-Ahmadi strives to reach the core of the issue, deconstruct it, and then find a solution or a method for resolution.

The author Fahd Amer Al-Ahmadi does not offer the reader ready-made, formulaic, or even the usual advice that many have grown accustomed to, which often contains more rhetoric and exaggeration than reliance on real indicators and evidence.

The book is an attempt to provide a lifeline amid the sea of questions, obstacles, and problems that buffet the people of this era. “The Pistachio Theory” is one of the bestselling books in bookstores across the Arab world since its notable release. To this day, many readers discuss the book and the articles it contains. This widespread popularity is evidence that the book has reached various layers, types, and sects of people.

The significance of this book lies in its ability to take practical philosophy into broader horizons and more expansive realms. It conveys profound philosophy and big ideas to the hearts of its readers in a way that is grounded in reason and the realities of life. Moving beyond the abstract concept of philosophy, it transforms it into practical behavior that can be applied, enabling individuals to achieve their goals not just in their imagination, but in real-world scenarios.

The book discusses the correct methods by which individuals can formulate their life plans and how to organize these plans and ideas to work on them in a positive manner. It emphasizes the necessity for individuals to have big dreams, as simple and small dreams typically lead to modest achievements, whereas big dreams are what bring about substantial successes.

At the same time, the book explains the nature of this dream and the elements that make it achievable in reality. It then explores incorrect human behaviors, among which, undoubtedly, are speaking and even listening. Individuals must focus on achieving their goals and not get distracted by idle chatter or the trivialities that proliferate around them. However, at the same time, they must listen to others, because a person’s knowledge is invariably shaped by what others offer and the perspectives they provide about the world.

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