The Selection of Arab Names

The Selection of Arab Names

Publishing House: Madarek Publishing House

Publication Year: 2022

Genre: Social studies

Number of Pages: 474

“Fawaz Al-Laboon’s ‘Al-Muntakhab min Asma’ al-Arab’ (The Selection of Arab Names)” is an extensive compendium that assembles around seven thousand Arab names, meticulously selected for their uniqueness and significance. The book impressively showcases names, providing meanings and pronunciations bilingually in both Arabic and English. Al-Laboon has thoughtfully catered to a wide range of preferences, making this work a diverse and comprehensive resource.

(The Selection of Arab Names) structure is thoughtfully organized into various sections to cater to different interests. One part of the book is dedicated to the names of the Prophet Muhammad’s companions (Sahaba and Sahabiyat), and another to names mentioned in the Quran. The majority of the book, however, delves into a broad spectrum of Arabic names encompassing traditional, commonly used, modern, rare, and newly coined names. This makes the book a valuable resource for parents seeking meaningful names and a treasure trove for those interested in Arabic cultural and linguistic richness.

In addition to listing names, the book provides rich and informative entries related to names. These entries delve into cultural, historical, and linguistic aspects of Arabic names, enhancing understanding beyond meanings and pronunciations. This feature turns the book into an educational and cultural reference, essential for Arabic heritage, language studies, linguists, historians, and enthusiasts.

Al-Laboon’s meticulous effort in compiling and elucidating such a comprehensive array of names demonstrates his deep engagement with and passion for Arabic culture and language, contributing significantly to preserving and promoting the richness of Arabic naming traditions.

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