The Temptation of the Name: The Tale of Coffee and the Discourse of Prohibition

Publishing House: Madarek

Publication Year: 136

Genre: Criticism

Number of Pages: 2022

The critic “Sa’id Al-Sarihi” seeks through this work to offer a serious attempt to re-examine the history of coffee, not just as a beverage to be prepared and consumed, but as a cultural, social, and religious phenomenon that profoundly influenced the societies that adopted and embraced it.

The work stands out for its focus on the human side of coffee’s history, delving deep into the human experience that coffee has gone through, from its beginnings to the present, by observing the surrounding social, cultural, and religious developments.
Specifically, the work reveals the other side of coffee’s history, moving away from traditional narratives about the time and place of its discovery, to highlight the profound and intertwined influences of coffee on various aspects of life. The reader is given an idea of the values and customs associated with coffee, and how it became an integral part of culture and tradition in many societies.

Interestingly, the work also addresses the religious aspects associated with coffee, especially regarding the debate over its permissibility and the religious intentions related to it, demonstrating the depth of research and analysis undertaken by the critic.

This work is an invitation to re-look at coffee not just as a drink, but as a mirror reflecting the developments and changes that human societies have undergone over the ages. The book highlights coffee as a means to understand history, culture, and religion in the Arab and Islamic world, offering a deep and diverse insight into the history of coffee and its impact on daily life.

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