They are Not Mentioned in Metaphor

Author: Huda Hamd

Publishing House: Dar Al-Adab

Publication Year: 2022

Genre: Novel

Number of Pages: 216

In the novel “They Do Not Mention in Majaz” by Omani writer Huda Hamd, the mythical village of Majaz is explored, surrounded by a wall and closed off from the outside world. The novel delves into the rules of life within this village and the impact of power and superstition on its inhabitants. The author navigates through several interconnected stories, focusing on the central characters within the village. The book tackles deep topics such as fear, power, and traditions, presenting them in an innovative and engaging literary format. Characterized by its eloquent language and strong narrative, the work stands as one of the contemporary literary pieces deserving of attention. The novel blends reality with fantasy, truth with myth, in a skillfully woven literary tapestry. It serves as a journey through a kingdom of imagination and folklore, offering a critical look at power and its mechanisms.

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