University 2030

University 2030

Publishing House: Arab Scientific Publishers

Publication Year: 2018

Genre: Social studies

Number of Pages: 199

In “University 2030: A Vision for the Transformation of Saudi Universities,” author Mohammed Abdullah Al-Khazim examines the evolutionary journey of Saudi Arabia’s higher education system over the past seventy years. Starting from the establishment of the first university college in the Kingdom, the book delves into the significant shifts that have taken place in the realm of higher education, influenced by government patronage and direction on one hand, and hindered by intellectual and organizational stagnation on the other.

Al-Khazim’s work explores the ongoing efforts to steer the Saudi higher education system towards independence and self-reliance as part of a broader, future-oriented national transformation plan. He poses the pivotal question of whether Saudi universities are prepared for such a transformation. How can they remodel their systems and structures to become leaders in this transformative era?

“University 2030” seeks to provide a blueprint for reestablishing the foundations of Saudi universities to make them competitive with global counterparts and proactive in aligning with Saudi Vision 2030. The author, leveraging his expertise and extensive writing experience in Saudi higher education policies, blends local insights with his perceptions of globally applicable models.

The book covers critical topics in higher education, including economic, academic, and intellectual models of universities, their social responsibilities, community building, international cooperation, human resource development, university governance, private education, and medical services in universities. Al-Khazim’s writing style is clear and easily comprehensible, making the book a recommended read for educational leaders, academics interested in developing university policies, faculty members, researchers, and those keen on understanding and supporting the ideas and proposals it contains. These suggestions aim to break free from the cocoon that has enclosed Saudi higher education for decades, paving the way for a reinvigorated and forward-thinking educational landscape in the Kingdom.

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