Time of Figs

Publishing House: Aladab Al-Aarabi

Publication Year: 2022

Genre: Religions

Number of Pages: 144

“Time of Figs” is a book that contains research and opinions about some religious stories and beliefs. The Gospels narrate a story about Jesus Christ when he felt hungry after leaving the house of Bethany. He then looked at a distant fig tree with abundant leaves and approached it. However, he found nothing to eat. He was informed that it wasn’t the time for figs, yet he cursed the tree, saying that no one would eat from its fruit again. As a result, the cursed fig tree withered and remained so forever.

This story has generated much debate in Christian tradition, with numerous interpretations attempting to uncover the motivations behind Jesus’ cursing of the tree. Despite the abundance of explanations and efforts to address why Jesus cursed the tree, the phrase “Time of Figs” has become a symbol. It signifies our desire for things that come before their proper time, leading us to blame delayed matters as if the fault lies with them for not ripening when we expected them to.

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