Water’s Bonds

Author: Abdo Khal

Publishing House: Dar Al-Saqi

Publication Year: 2022

Genre: Novel

Number of Pages: 264

The novel revolves around a family that follows the Sufi school of thought, along with the myths, rituals, and hopes tied to their only grandson Amin. The author begins the narrative with the death of one of the righteous servants of God or “the blessed man,” Muhammad Al-Khidr, the founder of a Sufi order known as Hadra Sufiyya. The narration echoes the recitation of litanies, invocations, and hymns in love of God, following the Naqshbandi method.

The events unfold in a narrative spanning over 260 pages, revealing to the reader that the character of Wali Al-Khidr, whose death marks the start of the narrative, serves as a launchpad for events that extend beyond his life, accompanied by his descendants. The narrative delves into relationships of love, brotherhood, and parenthood, connecting the characters within the context of Naqshbandi Sufism and faith in beliefs and spiritualities unique to the family followed in the narrative.

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