Wild Thorns

Publishing House: Al-Saqi

Publication Year: 2005

Genre: Novel

Number of Pages: 208

“Wild Thorns” by Sahar Khalifeh is a powerful narrative. It delves into the complexities of life under Israeli occupation through the eyes of Usama, a young Palestinian. After spending time working in the Gulf. Usama returns to his homeland with a resolute mission to support the resistance movement. His plan involves a radical act of sabotage: to bomb buses that transport Palestinian workers to Israel. This plotline is a poignant reflection of the desperate measures considered by those living under the oppressive weight of occupation.

However, upon his return, Usama confronts a reality that shakes his convictions. He finds that many of his fellow Palestinians have adapted to the harsh realities of military rule, leading to bitter confrontations and a sense of alienation from friends and family. Despite the mounting tensions and his own internal struggles, Usama presses on with his mission, a decision that culminates in tragic outcomes.

First published in Jerusalem, “Wild Thorns” stands out as a seminal Arab novel. Offering an unprecedented insight into the intricacies of life and personal relationships under occupation. Khalifeh’s narrative is unflinching in its portrayal of the daily struggles faced by Palestinians. The book’s emotional depth, coupled with its stark, unsentimental depictions of reality. Makes a compelling case for survival and resistance in an environment riddled with subjugation and despair.

Furthermore, Sahar Khalifeh, born in 1941 in Nablus, herself has a story of personal liberation and commitment to social causes. Entering an arranged marriage at eighteen. She eventually left her husband to pursue her passion for writing and academia. Her literary journey was not without challenges. With her first novel confiscated by Israeli authorities, her subsequent works found a voice beyond her country’s borders. A respected academic who taught at the University of Iowa and Bir Zeit University in Palestine. Khalifeh is also renowned for her activism, notably founding the Women’s Affairs Centres in Nablus, Gaza City, and Amman. “Wild Thorns” is a testament to her literary prowess. Embodying her deep engagement with the Palestinian cause and her unwavering commitment to shedding light on the struggles of her people.

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