Wisdom Highway

Wisdom Highway

Publishing House: Indiana – USA

Publication Year: 2022

Genre: Wisdom Literature

Number of Pages: 134

Wisdom Highway is a fine collection of witty and thought-provoking aphorisms. It gives readers much to ponder.

The major idea behind the book could be seized in the preface: “The wisdoms that have been persistently cast on the roads of our lives have not always made going through those roads easy and fast as it was hoped by those who received these wisdoms out of the audience; thus, there is no purpose for my words in this book more sublime than to make life’s journey of one easier and more comfortable”.

Exploring the Rare Landscape of Wisdom Literature: A Journey Along the Wisdom Highway

Writing within what is known as “Wisdom Literature” is not common as a standalone literary genre in the literature world. Books that devote their topics to this area of writing are rare. Wisdom Highway falls entirely within this infrequent area of writing, reevaluating our view of life in general and presenting a literary work that aims primarily for unalloyed literary pleasure through critical thinking. 

Although many of the audiences may classify the book in the self-development category, Wisdom Highway is primarily not a self-help book. On the contrary, it may seem provoking to a reader who seeks only to know what they can do to develop their abilities at this or that level.

The book questions everything that our concepts of life have settled on in a poignant and intense style. It starts defining life as follows: “That which pulls out from under your feet while you are busy pushing it forward”; and the author concludes the book stating that “The road that led me to success does not have necessarily to lead you to success, for I am not sure that the same road could lead me again if I were to go back to the beginning”.

Wisdom Highway is translated from Arabic by the author himself, noting that the original Arabic Version was published in 2011.

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