November 27, 2023

Brilliance of Souls – Dazzling Art Piece – by Japanese Artist in AlUla


Dazzling Art Piece 'Brilliance-of-Souls' by Japanese Artist in AlUla

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Brilliance of the Souls – was a captivating art exhibition displayed in the AlJadidah Arts District within the AlUla governorate, and it was part of the “Infinity Mirror Room” series. This artistic initiative was brought to life by the eminent Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, significantly enhancing the art scene in the Kingdom.

The exhibition invited visitors to embark on a journey exploring the artist’s distinctive perspective of endless introspection. Despite its apparent compact size, the exhibit ingeniously utilized reflective surfaces and water around a central platform, showcasing the artist’s talent in transforming a small area into an expansive universe of artistic creativity.

“Brilliance of the Souls” emerged as an exceptional piece of art and became a prime location for capturing stunning photographs. The installation, designed in harmony with the natural landscape of AlUla, featured a myriad of colored lights suspended at various heights and intervals, reminiscent of cosmic entities like stars, planets, and galaxies. Those who viewed the masterpiece found themselves immersed in a mystical and infinite space.

“Brilliance of the Souls” also served as a hub for cultural exchange and community engagement. Visitors not only experienced the transformative power of contemporary art but also participated in discussions and workshops organized around the exhibition.

The exhibit was open to the public free of charge, from 4 pm to 11 pm, and was available for a duration of two months.


Source: Saudi Press Agency

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