January 29, 2024

Cairo International Book Fair 2024: A Million Visitors in 3 Days

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Merely three days after its inauguration, Cairo International Book Fair 2024 has already surpassed a remarkable milestone: over a million visitors. The Ministry of Culture has issued a statement, shedding light on the overwhelming attendance rates witnessed at Cairo International Book Fair 2024. According to Dr. Nevine El-Kilani, Minister of Culture, these early attendance figures paint a promising picture.

Dr. Nevine El-Kilani emphasized that the substantial turnout indicates an exceptional and pivotal edition of the fair. The numbers speak volumes about the event’s significance and its resonance with the Egyptian populace.

Dr. Nevine El-Kilani’s Insights: Promising Start for Book Fair

With enthusiasm, Dr. Nevine El-Kilani shared insights into the attendance statistics. She noted that on the third day alone, the fair welcomed 404,931 visitors. This surge in attendance signifies a promising start, hinting at an extraordinary edition in the fair’s history.

Dr. Nevine El-Kilani underscored the importance of this edition. Highlighting its provision of rich cultural and artistic content tailored specifically for Egyptian audiences. She applauded Egyptian families for their keen interest in expanding their cultural horizons and recognizing the pivotal role of knowledge in societal advancement.

Dr. Ahmed Bahi El-Din’s Report: Surpassing a Million Visitors

In a report by Dr. Ahmed Bahi El-Din, head of the General Egyptian Book Authority, it was revealed that the fair’s total attendance on the third day surpassed 404,931 visitors. This achievement catapulted the cumulative visitor count to an impressive 1,009,983 within just three days since the fair’s commencement.

Under the esteemed patronage of the President, the current edition of the book fair unfolds under the theme “Creating Knowledge… Preserving the Word,” captivating audiences from January 25th to February 6th.

Source: Aleqaria

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