December 11, 2023

Can artificial intelligence craft a compelling children’s book?

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Experts at the Jeddah Book Fair are exploring a fascinating question: Can artificial intelligence craft a compelling children’s book? This intriguing topic was at the heart of a panel discussion during the Jeddah Book Fair 2023, where specialists in children’s literature and artificial intelligence contemplated the potential integration of AI into the creation of literary works for children. The discussion delved into the crucial considerations and foundational principles essential when incorporating this cutting-edge technology into the realm of children’s literature.

During the panel discussion titled “Can Artificial Intelligence Create a Children’s Book?”, the Jordanian writer and publisher, Sinan Sweis, along with AI specialist Dr. Anas Al-Ghamdi and Kuwaiti publisher Mohammed Jaragh, offered valuable insights. Sinan Sweis emphasized the evolving nature of reading habits, noting that contemporary children engage with literature in a dynamic, interconnected, and networked manner. Today’s tech-savvy children demonstrate a remarkable capacity to absorb and interact with technology seamlessly, showcasing an intelligent approach to navigating the digital landscape. Sinan Sweis added, “Families should consider relinquishing direct control and, instead, adopt alternative guidance. Despite surveillance efforts, children possess the ability to access and engage with technology independently.”

Al-Ghamdi underscored that a child’s engagement with reading occurs when a book aligns with their interests, underscoring the ongoing competition between artificial intelligence and the human mind. He observed, “While someone may produce a story that may not necessarily be of high quality, technology takes us to unexplored dimensions, and interaction with digital literature has surpassed that with traditional printed material.” Al-Ghamdi highlighted that the interaction with artificial intelligence has become more explicit and prevalent than ever before.

Jaragh foresaw a future where artificial intelligence would produce two models of authors: one adept at leveraging AI and another less familiar with its capabilities. Drawing from his experiences in publishing and innovative projects, Jaragh concluded that the future of storytelling holds both promise and challenges. AI-driven programs and platforms are now capable of composing compelling narratives and even publishing entire books in remarkably short timeframes.

The Jeddah Book Fair 2023, integral to the broader Book Fairs initiative for the year, unfolds across an expansive 34,000-square-meter space. With over 1,000 local, Arab, and international publishing houses distributed across 400 pavilions, the fair is a vibrant hub of literary exploration. The concurrent cultural program, running until December 16, features over 80 events, encompassing seminars, dialogues, workshops, poetry evenings, and theatrical performances. Notable local, Arab, and international writers, thinkers, and intellectuals grace the fair, welcoming visitors daily from 10 AM to 12 AM, with extended hours until 2 AM on Fridays.

Source: Okaz

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