October 25, 2023

Digital Archiving preserving Cultural Heritage in Saudi Arabia

Cultural Heritage in Saudi Arabia

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In an effort to strengthen collaboration between the Ministry of Culture and various organizations dedicated to preserving Saudi Arabia’s cultural heritage, a united initiative has taken shape. This collective endeavor seeks to protect and honor the very essence of our rich cultural legacy. As part of this commitment, the Ministry of Culture proudly inaugurates the Cultural Archive Center, a pivotal institution wholly devoted to the meticulous preservation and management of the foundational elements that constitute our vibrant cultural heritage.

The core mission of the Cultural Archive Center is to extend resolute support and empowerment to the entire cultural sector. It achieves this by expertly orchestrating comprehensive documentation and archiving programs, along with strategic plans. These endeavors are thoughtfully aligned with the broader interests of the Kingdom, primarily focusing on the preservation and thorough documentation of Saudi cultural heritage. This represents an enduring commitment to the protection and celebration of our cherished cultural legacy.

In an exciting development, the Cultural Archive Center is delighted to announce the impending release of the highly anticipated second edition of the “Guidelines for Documenting and Digitally Archiving Cultural Heritage in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.” This comprehensive guide transcends mere instructions; it embodies a profound dedication to the preservation and protection of our cultural treasures. It encompasses guiding principles and mandatory procedures.

The primary objective is to provide unwavering support to cultural institutions and all relevant entities deeply involved in the noble undertaking of preserving our cultural heritage. This second edition serves as a regulatory document for entities embarking on a variety of projects, encompassing cataloging, documentation, and digital archiving of precious cultural artifacts. Entities adhering to these guidelines are not only qualified but also encouraged to share and publish their cultural heritage content within the esteemed repository of the Cultural Archive Center.

As we stand on the threshold of a new era, the Cultural Archive Center, in partnership with the Ministry of Culture, invites all to embark on this extraordinary journey. Together, we will ensure that the tapestry of our cultural heritage is lovingly preserved and proudly showcased for generations to come.

You can download these Guidelines from HERE.

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