April 30, 2024

Details of the Saudi Cinema Encyclopedia: Launching 22 out of 100 books during the Saudi Film Festival

The Saudi Cinema Encyclopedia is set to launch next May

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Initiated by the Cinema Association, the Saudi Cinema Encyclopedia is set to launch with a program aiming to publish 100 books during its first year, starting in May 2024. This initiative stems from its belief in the cultural role of knowledge and the necessity to promote and enhance it.

The aim of the Saudi Cinema Encyclopedia is to establish a regular program for book production in the Arabic language, with the goal of elevating the film industry from amateur writing to a professional and specialized level. Its publications are intended to serve as a cornerstone of the cinematic infrastructure in Saudi Arabia.

The first batch of cinematic releases for this year is scheduled to be launched during Saudi Film Festival, which will take place from May 2nd to May 9th, 2024. Followers of the cinematic scene can expect 22 books, authored and translated, presented by a group of Saudi and Arab authors and critics specialized in cinema and its sciences.

Authored books

One of the forthcoming books for this year is presented by the Saudi academic and critic, ”Misfer Al-Mousa,” titled ”The Naked City – A Comprehensive Reference on Investigative Documentary Films”. In this book, he explores documentary filmmaking from various perspectives, offering his unique insights into this rich field.

Dr.MisferAlmousa, ''The Naked City''

Dr.MisferAlmousa, ”The Naked City”

In the same domain of documentary filmmaking, we find the new book by Algerian writer and film critic, ”Abdulkarim Al-Qadri,” titled ”Aesthetics of Reception in Documentary Film”. Regarding Saudi cinema, Dr. Abdullah Al-Oqaibi presents us with a book titled ”The Pen Camera in Saudi Cinema”, in which he elucidates the concept of expression through the camera and the necessity of having a theory for Saudi films.

Abdulkarim Al-Qadri, ''Aesthetics of Reception in Documentary Film''

Abdulkarim Al-Qadri, ”Aesthetics of Reception in Documentary Film”

Dr. Abdullah Al-Oqaibi, ''The Pen Camera in Saudi Cinema''

Dr. Abdullah Al-Oqaibi, ”The Pen Camera in Saudi Cinema”

Film critic ”Dr. Ahmed Al-Qasimi” presents a semiotic discourse on the Golden Palm-winning films of the Saudi Film Festival from 2008 to 2023, through his book titled ”Palm Forest at Midnight”. On another note, Bahraini critic and writer ”Amin Saleh” introduces two books in this collection, the first being a second edition of ”Face and Shadow in Cinematic Performance”. In this work, ”Saleh” attempts to ”observe the concepts related to performance, its motives, elements, sources, techniques, effects, transformations, as well as its relationship with the camera, direction, screenplay, editing, and other artistic elements, along with the various aspects related to performance”.

Dr. Ahmed Al-Qasimi, ''Palm Forest at Midnight''

Dr. Ahmed Al-Qasimi, ”Palm Forest at Midnight”

As for the second book, focusing on the aesthetics of cinema, Saudi researcher and writer ”Yazeed Al-Sniad” presents a book titled ”Aesthetics in Cinema – A Brief Philosophical Study on Natural Aesthetics”. Additionally, Syrian writer and drama developer ”Maher Mansour” offers a book titled ”Plot Pillars – The Innate Foundations of Story Construction”, in which he discusses the key points that make the narrative components a good screenplay.

Yazeed Al-Sniad, ''Aesthetics in Cinema''

Yazeed Al-Sniad, ”Aesthetics in Cinema”

Maher Mansour, ''Plot Pillars''

Maher Mansour, ”Plot Pillars”

The Omani writer and filmmaker Abdullah Habib presents a book titled ”Lawrence of Arabia and the Dead – Two Cinematic Essays”.

Abdullah Habib, ''Lawrence of Arabia and the Dead''

Abdullah Habib, ”Lawrence of Arabia and the Dead”

When it comes to the cinema of the author, it has had a significant share in this year’s releases, whether in explicit titles or in the contents of the books. We read the book by the Iraqi filmmaker ”Hassanain Al-hani” titled ”Author’s Cinema – From Classical to Digital”. Additionally, the academic and filmmaker from Saudi Arabia, Dr. Musab Al-Alamri, presents us with a book titled ”Cinematic Direction – Your Steps towards Filmmaking according to Modern International Practices”, in which he practically addresses cinematic direction based on global standardized practices.

Hassanain Al-hani, ''Author's Cinema''

Hassanain Al-hani, ”Author’s Cinema”

Dr. Musab Al-Alamri, ''Cinematic Direction''

Dr. Musab Al-Alamri, ”Cinematic Direction”

The Saudi filmmaker ”Abdulmohsen Al-Mutairi” also sheds light on the world of editing and its importance for films through his book titled ”Writing By Montage”. Additionally, we will read a book by the Saudi poet and writer ”Adnan Al-Munawis” about one of the prominent figures in author’s cinema titled ”Kim Ki-Duk – The Director of Rejected Violence”

Abdulmohsen Al-Mutairi, ''Writing By Montage''

Abdulmohsen Al-Mutairi, ”Writing By Montage”

In a profound exploration of some of the world’s most important filmmakers, Iraqi writer and film critic” Mahmoud Hedayet” presents a book titled ”The Gospel of Lumière – Texts on Cinematic Thought”. Additionally, we will read a book by Syrian critic and novelist ”Khalil Sweileh” titled ”Speak Your Dream Until I See You – The Cinema of Mohammad Malas”, in which he discusses the cinema of Syrian director ”Mohammad Malas”. Furthermore, we will delve into a book by Moroccan filmmaker ”Hammadi Kiroum” titled ”Quotation – From Narrative Storytelling to Film Narrative”.

Khalil Sweileh, ''Speak Your Dream Until I See You''

Khalil Sweileh, ”Speak Your Dream Until I See You”

Hammadi Kiroum, ''The Quotation''

Hammadi Kiroum, ”The Quotation”

Translated books

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