March 20, 2024

Digitization of Culture: A Bridge Between Yesterday and Tomorrow

Digitization of Culture A Bridge Between Yesterday and Tomorrow

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Saudi Arabia’s Leading Digital Cultural Initiatives

The world is undergoing a sweeping digital transformation. Naturally, this technology-driven progress brings the international community closer together, broadening the scope of cultural, intellectual and scientific communication. Digital technology stands at the forefront of this.

The Covid-19 pandemic acted as a catalyst for digitization. Virtual communication became the medium that connected the world with everything it needed – be it protection, prevention, culture, entertainment, work or education. Thus, digitization is no longer a luxury: it is a revolutionary phenomenon that has become indispensable in modern life.

In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, this striking transformation is evident in cultural institutions, ranging from ministries to literary clubs, as well as producers of newspapers, magazines, books and other publications: all rely on digital media. This technology saves time and effort while delivering exceptional services faster than ever.

Such platforms have bridged distances and pumped an enormous amount of information and knowledge into our lives. They have also facilitated cultural exchange between Arab and international communities. The variety of lectures, seminars, programmes, cultural evenings, and workshops run online are a testament to the importance of digitization, which is now beginning to take a discernible shape in Saudi society.

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