August 21, 2023

Discovering talented writers at an early age. Literature, publishing and translation. Foster creativity and support talent

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The Authority recently held the closing ceremony of the “Literary Creativity” competition at the Kingdom International Schools Theater in Riyadh, celebrating the winners of the four literary competition categories as part of its efforts to activate the capabilities and talents development program, in the presence of the Authority’s CEO, Dr. Muhammad Hassan Alwan.

During his speech at the ceremony, Dr. Alwan stressed the importance of discovering talented writers at an early age, praising the winners who were able to put their first steps on the path of creativity, and lead society towards progress and prosperity, in the categories allocated by the authority for the competition, expressing his thanks for all the efforts made by the work team, contestants and universities that brought out these outstanding talents.

He said: “In the coming future, writers and creators will face great challenges and many competitors, especially artificial intelligence, so they only have to preserve the authenticity and spirit of their word, while the Literature, Publishing and Translation Commission will not delay its role in supporting the creators of the country and standing with them and celebrating their achievements.”

The ceremony included a lyrical painting and an introductory presentation of the competition, which was summarized in 12 participations, with three participations for each category that carry objective values open to universal and human knowledge, in addition to a live presentation of excerpts from the creations of the participants in the four tracks, eloquent poetry, Nabati poetry, novel, and short story.


The CEO of the Authority honored the winners of the first three places from each category, where the first place in the eloquent poetry track was won by Khattab Maadi Makhafa, the second place was Abdullah Salem Al-Qaisi, and the third place was won by Malik Ghazi Hakami.


In the Nabati poetry track, Omar Fahd Al-Wadaani won first place, Jayez Hathloul Al-Dosari won second place, while Nayef Awad Al-Juhani won third place.


As for the novel track, the first place went to the contestant Dalal Abdul Aziz Al-Juhani, the second place went to Amira Fawaz Al-Tamimi, while the third place went to Nouf Fares Al-Maliki.


Haidar Ali Al Ammar won first place, Elaf Ali Mohammed won second place, and Jawaher Attia Al-Maliki won third place.

The competition allocated prizes worth a total of 1,200 million riyals to the winners, where the first place winner of each category will receive 150,000 riyals, the second 100,000 riyals, and the third 50,000 riyals.

It is noteworthy that the “Literary Creativity” competition comes as part of the efforts of the Literature, Publishing and Translation Commission to enrich the literary movement and highlight its talents, preserve the cultural heritage, and enhance the value of literature in society by discovering distinguished people in creative writing in various literary fields, highlighting these talents, and highlighting their cultural production locally and internationally.

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