April 16, 2024

Don’t let him die before you.. an epic of death and life.

Don't let him die before you

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Titled “Don’t let him die before you,” the collection blends a warning tone with sincere advice. It features a cover adorned with an image by American artist Daniel Martin Diaz. Published by Al-Mutawassit Books in Italy, this poetry collection by Saudi poet Ahmed Al-Mulla spans over 70 poems and extends across 128 pages of medium format.

Prose Poem

In his collection, poet Ahmed Al-Mulla has embraced prose poetry, freeing it from the constraints of rhythmic patterns and rhymes characteristic of traditional poems. The imagery he uses is complex and interwoven, a style stemming from his extensive background and proficiency in film. The meaning in his poetry is open-ended, accommodating multiple interpretations and readings. Through his use of rich figurative language, Ahmed Al-Mulla masterfully captures psychological states and represents them in visually striking ways. His poems also tend to address public life, depicting concerns, problems, aspirations, and a palpable sense of reality, expressing his perspective on the universe, nature, history, heritage, and national issues.

One of the key features observable in Ahmed Al-Mulla’s poems is that each poem is composed of a series of segments which, while seemingly discrete, are intricately interwoven into a collage. This ultimately forms a scene or a short film, enhancing the structure of the work and unifying its various parts.

A notable distinction of the collection is its innovative rhetorical devices in crafting the texts, steering clear of overly ornate language that burdens the reader and often leads to little or no meaning. At times, it even liberates the text from the weight of literary tradition.

In the poem “Statue of the Poet,” Ahmed Al-Mulla addresses the stark reality of abandoning poetry and storytelling, despite the fact that reading poetry enriches the reader with a wealth of linguistic resources. He also subtly reproaches those who rigidly confine poetry within the molds of rhyme and meter, turning them into songs that either scare children or deceive lovers when recited to them.

The Duality of Death and Life

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